I’ve been drawing break dancers as of late and I haven’t showcased any of my drawn art on our site here. So I present you with Sick. Sick is slang for awesome.

I am a huge fan of Hip Hop (especially old school ’70’s-90’s) I even tried some simple break dancing moves when I was 15 in 1985. The Move depicted below was pretty much akin to what I was able to do back then which was essentially nothing acrobatic. LOL

This series of drawings which I am showcasing on my site also features Graffiti Stylized Slang from the 70’s-90’s.

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An artist, introvert, music lover, coffee drinker and gardener or A human, otherwise known as Noe.


I love when I’m alone that makes me happy somehow, but I do socialize sometimes. This Pet is the only friend of mine.

~Noe Elfa

Noe Elfa, is a self-taught Illustrator who, fell in love with drawing and since 2016 has used it as a means to express their feelings .

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