The Exquisite Doodles of PMu…

Phoebe (PMu to her friends) has an online art blog where she has posted a drawing a day, every day for nearly 5 years.  Her belief is that art is for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be ‘worthy’ to be worth sharing.  Drawing and other creative pursuits are skills that with practice and time can become talents.  And hers definitely are, as I would say, exquisite.

You can find her at any of the following: ( Instagram (@pmuink)On Twitter (@pmuink)On DeviantArt ( Lulu ( Patreon, although don’t expect any hidden rewards ( if you like what you see, buy her a coffee and help fuel the beast (

Always looking for art submissions: Email us at Subject: Art Include a short Bio, jpg samples and any links to social media.