“La Tristesse Durera Toujours”*…

*Van Gogh’s Last Words- ” The Sadness Will Last Forever”

Photo Courtesy Of Aspasia S. Bissas

Vincent Van Gogh spent the last three months of his life living in Auvers-Sur-Oise, outside Paris, France. Walking through the streets there,  seeing the mundane things he transfigured with his canvas and brush, is like sharing a fragment of his life. In the few months he was there, he created 77 paintings, including The Church at AuversPortrait of Doctor Gachet, and Daubigny’s Garden. This tree, which resides in the courtyard of the Auberge Ravoux, where Van Gogh lived, likely wasn’t there when he was alive. But it’s the sort of tree that would have captured his imagination, and when I saw it I thought it also captured a bit of his spirit. Seeing the tree in the courtyard was like seeing one of Van Gogh’s paintings come to life, one he never had the chance to create. Auvers is infused with his memory, and nothing encapsulated his presence more than this tree in bloom, transformed for a brief moment in the place where Van Gogh walked for a while.

Aspasia S. Bissas is an amateur photographer and professional writer. She is the author of the dark fantasy novel Love Lies Bleeding. Her latest short story, Tooth & Claw, is available for free download. Find out more at https://aspasiasbissas.com/books.