The Beauty of the Cherry Blossom…

Cherry Blossoms in Brampton, Ontario Canada

“There is nothing more beautiful than the beauty of nature itself”
~Matt Snyder

Aspasia S. Bissas is an amateur photographer and professional writer. She is the author of the dark fantasy novel Love Lies Bleeding. Her latest short story, Tooth & Claw, is available for free download. Find out more at

An artist, introvert, music lover, coffee drinker and gardener or A human, otherwise known as Noe.


I love when I’m alone that makes me happy somehow, but I do socialize sometimes. This Pet is the only friend of mine.

~Noe Elfa

Noe Elfa, is a self-taught Illustrator who, fell in love with drawing and since 2016 has used it as a means to express their feelings .

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Lost World


-By Joni Caggiano

Misplaced in a forest of petrified people

with counterfeit smiles and fixed stares.
The trees have quit clapping with parts disfigured

from clear-cutting, and fire.
I drift on a rain cloud that has no water

while fairies stay warm in a bubble of air.
Their numbers have dwindled like bees

as tears fall through the cloud turning to ice

my ducts are now empty as I will soon be.
Bits of me are falling, turning to white stone

no part of the earth or the moon can I flee

so I will become part of the forest or sea.
My cloud is falling gently, and I land in a nest

where a grayish eaglet lay stiff with siblings,

in a tree,

that is singing

as I

yield to my death.

Joni Caggiano is a self-published author of the book, “The Path Toward the Light.”  Her blog is, where she has published many poems, photography, and short stories. Her blog is an effort to give back as a survivor as an Adult Child of Alcoholics and to also write about things she feels matter in this world we live in today.  She started writing songs and poetry at the age of thirteen and have been writing ever since.  

When Two Equal One

Photo courtesy of the author

When Two Equal One       (Elfje series or singles)

By JulesPaige


Who knew…

You would perfect

Cover thievery to an



Deepest sleep

I am woken;

Thunderous lion night breathing –



Coincidence, chance;

Once two strangers

Took respectful bonding vows –



Forty years

We have created 

Our own semaphoric love



Ours secure

Thriving with humor;

Boundless, breathless, blissful, bonding


Photo Courtesy of the Author

The Elfje form originated in The Netherlands where it is used to teach young children to write poetry. The word Elfje means ‘Elven’ or ‘Fairy’ poem (from ‘Elf’ meaning ‘elven’ or ‘fairy’ and the sufix ‘-je’ meaning ‘little’). The form consists of 11 words spread over 5 lines.  You can find out more about the Elfje here: 

Writing under the nom-de-plume of JulesPaige, the author is primarily a poet who is also involved with other writing genres. As well as other hands on crafts and dabbling in photography. They have been writing for about sixty years and have had various pieces published online, for magazines, newspapers, other blogs, books for charity and was recognized professionally recently for flash fiction. 

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The Exquisite Doodles of PMu…

Phoebe (PMu to her friends) has an online art blog where she has posted a drawing a day, every day for nearly 5 years.  Her belief is that art is for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be ‘worthy’ to be worth sharing.  Drawing and other creative pursuits are skills that with practice and time can become talents.  And hers definitely are, as I would say, exquisite.

You can find her at any of the following: ( Instagram (@pmuink)On Twitter (@pmuink)On DeviantArt ( Lulu ( Patreon, although don’t expect any hidden rewards ( if you like what you see, buy her a coffee and help fuel the beast (

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Bad Company

Image by Jason Yearick

Bad Company, By Jason Yearick

Words are
tumbling, to
the ground
spilling down
a sound-
poets, are
this word
this poet,

Jason loves people and writes to inspire by speaking life through poetry, articles and Christian devotional pieces. Knowing how easily it is to allow the doldrums of life seep into one’s spirit, he reminds his readers that we’re all human and it’s our humanity that allows us to help one another.  He also enjoys scenic photography.

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Knitted Critters

Knitted Critters , Created By Jessica Snyder

Jessica Snyder has always loved animals. Throughout her life she has made animals through sketches, crafts, crocheting and knitting. She believes strongly in art therapy. Working as a Caregiver to the elderly, she likes to engage with them on multiple levels of creativity. She is also the wife of TFE Arts Editor Matt Snyder.